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Drone Beacon
The Internet of Things 1- Introducing the Drone Beacon
The Drone beacon with built in Wifi hotspot, that helps customers connect any place. The Drone also has a built in beacon that creates a mobile digital marketing context area. The Drone Beacon is capable to sending context information bombs from the drones to the mobile phones. So,The Right Context to the Right People at the Right Time.
The Internet of Things 2- The Beacon
No more fixed beacons, The drone beacon takes the digital marketing context right to the customer. Create your own marketing context area and drop Ad Bombs to the mobile phones. The Drone beacon will send the push notification messages only to the targeted audience.
Drone Beacon
Drone Beacon
The Internet of Things 3- The Universal Smart phone Plugin
The JumpQs plugin service will enable the communication either via your App or even send beacon push notification without your App!.Send Ad Bombs (Ads from the Drone beacon) right to the mobile phones of your targeted customers and let your customers communicate to you through your App via the Wifi hotspot.